Are you getting married?

We have bulk deals to help you save money!

Buy 10 or more of one size of candle to get a discount!

  • 10 or more SMALL candles – $8 each (Save $3 per candle)
  • 10 or more MEDIUM candles – $10 each (Save $5 per candle)
  • 10 or more LARGE candles – $15 each (Save $10 per candle)

We can create CUSTOM CANDLES for your wedding.

  • CUSTOM CONTAINERS – We can customise the containers (e.g. jars, tea cups etc), the cost varies due to the size of the container.
  • CUSTOM STICKERS – We can customise the sticker on the container. We can create different logos and/or have the bride and groom’s/bridesmaids/guests names or initials printed on the sticker. It can be anything you wish!

Please EMAIL us for more information on how to ORDER.